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Your home is one of the most important purchases you will make! Whether it’s your first home or not, Fairchoice knows that purchasing real estate will have the most impact on your financial future. We will walk you through the many options and tailor make a mortgage package to suit your particular situation. Once you are in the home, you will want to work toward making your home mortgage free. We will also guide you through the steps that will lead to less interest payments and more equity. We know that more equity means more money in retirement. Because we have over 30 years experience in the financial services industry. Because we understand both debt repayment and asset accumulation. Because we have access to all major mortgage lenders, even your bank. We are uniquely qualified to help you accomplish your mortgage and financial goals. START THE PROCESS BY CLICKING THE LINK BELOW

Mortgage Refinances

Too many monthly payments? Are you carrying too many debts at high interest rates? Is most of your monthly payment going to interest,and very little going toward the principal reduction? This cycle will keep you paying large amounts of interest for a long period of time. Sometimes, it makes sense to consolidate many payments into one payment at a lower interest rate. Done properly, this can lead to you reducing the debts faster, while easing your budget at the same time. When you decide to take advantage of lower monthly payments, let Fairchoice help you design a restructuring plan that works for your mortgage and debts. We will design a plan that fits into your life and provide the financing to implement it. Your consolidation should be designed to suit your Life!

Commercial Mortgages

​A commercial mortgage is a loan made using real estate as collateral. It is similar to a residential mortgage except, the collateral is a commercial building or other business real estate. This type of financing is beneficial in many circumstances. For instance, one may require funds for: BUSINESS EXPANSION REFINANCE OF EXISTING DEBTS OR LEASES PURCHASE OF PROPERTY OR EQUIPMENT The value of a broker within this field cannot be overstated, due to the specialized nature of every commercial mortgage transaction. The Fairchoice Mortgage Team has Commercial lenders that will fit your particular business.

Business Loans

In this day and age it has become increasingly important to save and make money wherever possible, the answer for many people has been to open up their own business or work on commission. The pro is that it reduces the amount of taxes you pay, the con is that it minimizes the amount of money that we can use as your income. In a nutshell, this means that it makes it harder to get a mortgage at a low rate but easier to save money in income taxes… this is the dilemma that you face when you work for yourself! Breath a sigh of relief! Fairchoice has been assisting self employed individuals since 1997 and they have seen it all. You can take comfort in the fact that Fairchoice has clients that may include not only your friend, but also your dentist and their mortgage broker, because they have been a pillar in the self employed arena for over 20 years. A track record that long speaks for itself. Getting a great rate is just the beginning, since Fairchoice specializes in mortgages that are tailored with care and competence! Allow Fairchoice the opportunity to go to bat for you today, We make it faster & easier to get the mortgage you need… like yesterday. Your Financing should be designed to suit your business.

Credit Repair

Sometimes “life happens ,” & try as we may, you come up shy of the mark. Whether it be for children’s tuitions, CRA debt, spousal buyout, credit card debt, or judgements… Fairchoice has you covered! We offer private 1st or 2nd mortgages for ANY reason. The big difference between us and the bevy of other money providers is that we can get you the funds in record time without hassle. Some of our clients state that we performed in hours whereas they expected results in weeks. Give us a chance to impress you today! Access to Funds can mean all the difference!